Landscape Photography Gifts Christmas 2021 for any Budget

So Christmas is nearly upon us and I would imagine you will soon (if you haven’t already) be asked what you want for Christmas. So I have made a quick list of the best Landscape Photography Gifts for Christmas 2021

As a photography myself, I know how tempting it can be to say “Sony a7iv and a G Master lens please”.  But for most of us, this isn’t realistic.

So let us go through a list of items that will make your landscape photography experience better and, hopefully, bring you better results.

Please note that these are not affiliate links. I am recommending every item here because I have it and I use it.

Under a fiver

OK…. We are in secret Santa territory here. But these are really quite useful and for £2.99 you won’t regret asking for a 2 pack of camera spirit levels. Pop one on your cameras hot show (or if you use a cage, the cold shoe) and you will never have to worry about wonky horizons again!)

Under £10

What can you get a photographer for under a tenner?

Firstly – a multi tool.  Honestly, my multi tool has to be the most used thing in my camera bag after my camera and lenses. I use it for tripod adjustments, attaching brackets and cages, adjusting filter holders – I have even used it to pry the lid off a frozen shut ND filter tin.

My second item under a tenner is paracord. Which may seem like a strange choice but let me explain. Paracord is very light. It is also very strong. And very useful.

I have used it several times over the last year or so for situations such as; tying the tripod to myself at particularly precarious locations (cliff top in high wind or perched on a rock in rapids) Using it to rig a shelter with my camera bag rain cover to provide cover for my camera. Tying my tripod to my camera bag when the strap broke.

Hoody baby towels. Ok… hear me out here. Most of my work is done in the rain. And I truly hate those plastic rain covers. So I have now started using baby towels (with the wee hoods). The hood goes over the lens and the towel wraps around the camera. I have found it gives plenty of protection for a camera on a tripod or being carried. Of course it is no substitute for a camera bag for carrying your camera but it will definitely do in a pinch. It also has the bonus of being able to dry your camera after a heavy downpour.

Under £30

Waterproof, e-tip gloves. I love mine. I have 2 pairs. They keep my hands dry, warm and most importantly I can continue to operate the camera including the touchscreen. Perfect for those winter sunrises or Milky Way shoots.

Waterproof socks. The best thing since sliced bread. And even better  for keeping your feet dry. It recommend Sealskinz again but there are loads of brands who offer them. Wet feet are cold feet (in Scotland anyway). And having cold feet is miserable and not conducive to good photography. You will not regret it.

Lee Filter Cloth

Not just any filter cloth, the Lee Filter cloth is the best cloth I have used. It manages to clean and dry even the wettest lenses. 2 cloths sees me get through a whole day of photography in the rain. At less than £15 each, this is a real bargain and a must have for the camera bag.

Under £50

Variable ND filters. Now these get a bad rap which I think is really quite harsh. Yes the image quality may not be quite as good (most people will never know) but you are getting so much convenience. Think of it like using a zoom lens instead of a prime lens. The image quality may be a tiny bit worse but your life will be so much easier.

I really like the Urth (formerly Gobe) filters. A 67mm 2-6 stop ND filter is about £40. Bargain!

A good, compact wind proof umbrella is the difference between getting out in inclement weather and staying at home watching the drips race down your windows. Don’t skimp here though – you will need a double canopied, vented (allows the wind to go through) umbrella. You won’t look the coolest but who cares? I have had Glen Coe to myself in the past because I was the only one willing to brave the wind and the rain…. And it’s all thanks to my trusty umbrella and my baby towels!

Under £100

Up your landscape photography game by investing in a square filter system – perfect for ND filters, graduated ND filters and other filters (sunset etc) 

I have used a few different types but the best I have used is the Lee system. You will need a filter holder and adapter ring first. I won’t link to a adapter ring as it will depend on your specific lens but the filter holder is just here….

Lee Little Stopper. Now, you will need a square filter… most people plump straight for the Big Stopper. This is a mistake for most landscape photographers in my opinion. Big stoppers are for seascapes and city scapes….if like me you are an inland, landscape photographer you will be better with a little stopper. I will explain more about this in another post 

Over £100

Firstly, if you are shopping from this list I am very jealous and would very much like to be your friend!

Secondly, the list is nearly endless but I will try and keep things under £250 for realism sake!

A new camera bag. A purpose built, camera bag is an absolute must. I have had many bags from many different brands. The one I am recommending at the moment is the Manfrotto PRO Light Flexloader Backpack L. It has plenty of room for, well, basically everything. 2 cameras with attached lenses, 4 extra lenses plus accessories. Or if you are running a small drone, you could probably go for 2 cameras with atttached lenses, 2 lenses and a drone. Or 1 camera, 4 lenses and a drone. It also has a proper place to carry a tripod (amazingly not something that is in every bag!) as well as an actual rain cover – the single most important part of any camera bag in my opinion.

A new Tripod. Tripods are not sexy. They are never going to be. But I love Tripods. A good tripod is the most essential piece of kit after your first body and first 2 lenses. There are loads of great brands – Manfrotto and 3leggedthing are the two that I currently own. If I had to recommend one it would be the 3Leggedthing, The best tripod in their range under £250 at the moment would be the Leo Travel Tripod. With a very respectable maximum height of 146cm, this will be more than enough for most photographers. Get it, you won’t be disappointed.

Lastly, I have to mention, why not go for some expert tuition. There are dozens of really great landscape photographers out there who offer workshops and tutorials all around the UK and the World. Most of these workshops will come in around £250. My Glen Coe Landscape Photography Workshop is currently at £250. I

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions I would love to hear from you.

Merry Christmas and I hope Santa is kind to you!

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