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The Glen Coe Photo Co was established in 2021 to offer photography experiences in Glen Coe. Starting with landscape photography workshops and tours. In mid to late 2022 we will be offering experiences in front of the camera so watch this space!

Matt runs the company and offers photography workshops in Glen Coe and Scotland Photography Tours. His private Glen Coe Photography Workshop is by far the most popular tour offered and he is the top rated Photo Workshop Guide in Glen Coe on Google for his sister site Visuals of Scotland.

"Landscape photography is my passion. Even though it can be the most frustrating and maddening thing, there is nothing quite like the buzz of seeing one of my landscape photos on a wall, a product, on TV or anywhere else for that matter!

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Glen Coe Landscape Photographer

As with most types of photography and art, landscape photography is subjective. My style can often involve a fair amount of post-processing. Capturing the image with the camera is just the first part of the process, although it is still the most important part. The second part, editing, is where the magic happens! I want my images to reflect how I felt when I was there. Whether that is uplifted, intimidated, cold, irrelevant, small, reverent, relaxed, calm - whatever it was that made me want to capture the image. From standing on the wild coast of a Hebridean island to the serenity of a late evening sunset in Edinburgh. Each of my photos should hopefully evoke an emotion or feeling.

It is a real privilege to be a professional landscape photographer and one of the greatest joys is to provide landscape photography workshops. I do this across Scotland, concentrating on the Highlands and Islands. Using local knowledge plus the years of experience I have, these courses have been tailored to provide the perfect balance of tuition coupled with the best chance to get some truly spectacular photos. Click the link below if you feel like you could benefit from attending one of my Landscape Photography Workshops."

Matt, The Glen Coe Photo Co.

Glen Coe Photography Experiences

From Spring/Summer 2022 we are super excited to be able to offer photography experiences in front of the camera. Let us use our many years of experience to give you amazing images and create truly unique memories. Drop us an email if you are interested to learn more.

The Glen Coe Photo Co. was established in 2021 and is part of the Visuals of Scotland photography group. Created with the sole intention of providing landscape photography workshops, tours, holidays and photography experiences in the Glen Coe area

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A small selection of the images taken in and around Glen Coe. We will visit many of these locations during your workshop.


If you are interested in the hints and tips about photographing in the Glen Coe Photography then this is the place for you!
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